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Top 5 Conference Venues in Brussels

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Before choosing the right venue for your event in Brussels or anywhere else, first you need to decide on the type of venue that would best fit your needs. Conference venues come in all shapes and sizes with varying facilities and budgets.

Top Conference venues in Brussels
Conference venues in Brussels

These are the types of venues you could choose from:

Conference centers: They are typically modern and purpose-built. They may have both auditoriums with fixed furniture and conference rooms without fixed furniture. The two main ones in Brussels are The EGG and The Square. The Square is the largest purpose-built conference in central Brussels. It is modern, rather prestigious and has a capacity of around 2500 people.

Hotels: Many hotels have conference facilities. The upside is that you are also able to offer accommodation and catering.

Special venues: They could be museums, banks, offices and other unusual premises. There you need to bring everything yourself, starting from furniture, decoration, AV equipment to catering.

EU Institutions and similar: The European Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committee have a large number of meeting rooms. However, you would need connections (a host) to book the venue for you.

Top conference venues in Brussels:

1. Thon EU Hotel

It is located in the EU Quarter. Very modern, practical and provides a lot of flexibility. It has a large choice of meeting rooms and can have up to 350 people.

2. Renaissance Hotel

It is located next to the European Parliament. It has good service, it’s modern and a rather prestigious hotel. It has an easy access for loading and unloading materials for your events.

3. Sofitel Jourdan Hotel

It is on the outskirts of the EU Quarter. It is modern, esteemed and an expensive hotel. It has the capacity of around 225 people.

4. Concert Noble

This is a special venue. It has a classic style and is very impressive. If you have a big budget and you need something fancy it is a very good venue.

5. Bibliothèque Solvay

This is part of the special venues in Brussels. It has a classic style, very prestigious and it is a very nice-looking venue. It is expensive and it has the capacity of around 180 people.


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