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The Importance of Hiring a Hostess or Host for your conference in Brussels

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

It is extremely important to leave a good first impression when your guests/delegates start arriving at the location of your event/conference. This is why we want to address how crucial it is to choose the best hosting services you can find in Brussels and make sure your event goes smoothly and people leave satisfied.

Hostesses and hosts important for your event or conference in Brussels
Friendly and professional hostesses & hosts

Some essential qualities your hostess/host must have:

1. Positive attitude

Your hostess/host should keep their positive attitude while dealing with delegates, even if there is an issue or a situation – they should take care of it with a smile.

2. Presentable

Remember that while your hostess/host is working at your event, they are representing your company and this is why they need to look sharp at all times.

3. Service minded

Whenever one of your guests need help or guidance while attending your event, the hostess/host need to respond asap and make sure people are satisfied.

4. Always on time

Since you will already have a full time-planning of your event and everything will be scheduled by the minute, it is important for your hostess/host to be on time and follow the to-do list.

5. Proactive

In case there are too many people queuing to get their badges, event programmes, food, leave their coats at the cloakroom etc., the people working for you should be help each other when they see that it’s needed.

6. Friendly and professional

It goes without saying that the hostess/host you hire should be as friendly and professional as possible with both her colleagues for the day and the delegates.

7. Ability to communicate in multicultural environment

Yes, if you are organising your event/conference in Brussels it is expected to have a lot of different nationalities in one place, including your employees. This means that your hostess/host should feel comfortable in a multicultural environment.


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