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Event cancelled or postponed?

Familiar to event organizers worldwide due to Covid-19.

Various big and small conferences, meetings and workshops had t0 be cancelled/postponed due to the coronavirus spread. Event organizers were forced to reschedule all of their gatherings that were supposed to take place in springtime and find better dates somewhere in the end of 2020. In these times most venues and subcontractors are understanding and as helpful as they can when it comes to cancelling in order to protect people's health and well-being.

Coronavirus spreading worldwide, causing event organizers to postpone and cancel their events for spring 2020.
Events cancelled due to coronavirus

Here are some of the things to consider when you need to postpone or cancel your event:

1. No matter how deep you are in the event planning, you must first contact the event's sponsors and speakers. Together you should brainstorm on new possible dates that would work our for everyone included.

2. The next step would be to send a postponement email to all registered delegates, informing them of the situation and that you would let them know of the new date as soon as it's confirmed. Here it is extremely important to make sure that all registrants have been informed on time.

3. You need to close your registration page and add a message on your website stating that the event has been postponed/cancelled, eventual new date and the reason for the postponement/cancellation.

4. The venue where the event was supposed to take place needs to be contacted and informed of the changes, currently venues are expecting these calls, because everyone is cancelling or postponing. You need to discuss cancellation fees and new booking dates if you still want to hold your event in autumn/winter.

5. Following up are all the other subcontractors you have hired for your event, such as: AV, catering, hosts & hostesses, photographer etc. They need to know of the current changes and also be prepared for a new date if there is going to be one.

6. Once you have a new date you should add it to your website, social media and send a "save the date" to your database (once 100% confirmed with sponsors and speakers).

It is challenging for the event industry to stay on top of their game, since events are the last thing crossing people's minds right now. The most important for everyone is to make their health a priority and, in this way, protect others more vulnerable around them.

Events will follow in full power once everything passes and the world goes back to normal.

For now #Stayhome and #Keepsafe !


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