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10 steps to consider before choosing a venue for your event

There are a lot of different aspects to take into consideration when mapping out a venue for your event. There are many types to choose from and the budget varies from one venue to the next. Learn more on the most important details when choosing a setting for your conference, board meeting, workshop or reception:

1. Price level

Keep in mind that not everything is included in the price when renting a venue. Always

compare the total cost of the different venues that you have checked.

2. Location

When organizing an event, the location is extremely important and it depends on the

type of event and on your flexibility.

3. Availability

Venues are booked well in advance and if you want a specific location you need to act

fast, especially in Brussels where there are constant conferences and meetings


4. Capacity of the venue

Choosing the right size meeting room is essential if you don’t want to risk having an

overcrowded space or too many empty seats.

5. Layout of the venue

If you have planned a lunch break, coffee break or a cocktail in the end of the event,

you need to make sure you have chosen the right layout. You should have all of these

areas in close connection, making it easier for delegates to move around.

6. Type of venue

As mentioned in one of our articles, there are 4 different types of venues you can find

in Brussels: conference centers, hotels, special venues and EU institutions.

7. Style of venue

The two main styles are either classic or modern. It could also be luxurious/prestigious

or more basic/simple. In this case it all depends of the budget you are ready to spend.

8. Characteristics of the venue

Here is the time to tick off all of the specific wishes you have in mind for the looks of

your event. Things like:

  • Layout of the room

  • If there is a stage or not

  • Ceiling height

  • Air conditioning and ventilation

  • Lighting

  • Acoustics

9. Service level

Depending on the type of venue that you have chosen, there could either be good

service provided (hotels) or no service at all (special venues). In case there is no staff to

help you during your event, you should consider finding a subcontractor / hosts &

hostesses. On the other hand there are venues with professional staff that will often

respond swiftly and make sure everything runs smoothly.

10. Restrictions

Some conditions that you might encounter and should be aware of:

  • Catering firm list provided by the venue

  • Not allowed to bring your own food and beverages

  • At some venues you are not allowed to use an external subcontractor for A/V

  • No roll-ups or other promotional materials

  • Not-allowed to move furniture around and change set-up

  • Time of access to the event – before and after


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